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Philosophy of Teaching: Teaching is a wonderful journey of learning. In order for student's to have a successful musical experience, it's important for me as a teacher to have an inspiring approach for my students. Inspiration to enjoy music daily is a high calling, for both teacher and student. Students who are drawn to the piano to play and create music are inspired by music alone. It is my responsibility to supply students with the appropriate materials so they can grow musically. Students who grow, are inspired!

Students who love music, have success because they want to practice regularly and they make music a priority in their lives. They have parents that support them and enjoy listening to them play. Together student and parent create a designated schedule time to practice that is unencumbered by outside activity.

As their teacher, I continue to expand my musical technique and repertoire. I continue to study and perform in recitals. I maintain a disciplined practice schedule and I understand what performance anxiety feels like. I understand the importance of educating the ear to hear the subtleties of musical expression. Yet, most of all, I enjoy the process and help my students to enjoy the process as well. It's not arriving at a goal that motivates us, it's the continual learning.

I started taking lessons at age seven and have taken lessons off and on throughout my life. I have studied with Dr. Erin Chung for the past ten years, and she gave me a wealth of knowledge that I can share with my students on how to make practice time more efficient, relaxing, and rewarding. Currently, I am studying with Dr. Oksana Ezhokina who teaches at Pacific Lutheran University. I feel very fortunate that she was willing to take me on as a student and I look forward to sharing with my students her vast knowledge of music as I learn from her.

I've been fortunate to have talented students that love music and take pride in their own musical growth. I have come to believe all students have talent if they possess a love of music and a sincere desire to learn!

Experience and Education:

Teaching private piano lessons in Puyallup and surrounding area since 2001. References available on request.

Bachelor of Science, Geography, University of Idaho with some emphasis in music.

Pierce College music classes

Over 30 years of taking private lessons.